DIY tile coasters

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

I had quite many tile samples these days. It's abit wasteful to throw them away, as they are really pretty and at good quality.
I have choose the square samples for my coasters

I hand-stamped the theme words onto the scrapbook paper using versafine as it is water-resistent. Otherwise the words will become blurred when you apply mod podge.

Please come for ...Tea...mug shots

The surface now becomes water repellent, it's good to hold cold drinks !

Tissue pocket

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Today, I am going to make a tissue pocket to hold tempo size tissue, a mirror and some toothpicks.
prepare 2 pieces of fabric 4.5 in x 6 in 

prepare 2 pieces of fabric 3 in x 4.5 in (for pocket)

fold the long side of each fabric and sew it

On one of the fabric, sew a vertical line to create a small pocket . Also, repare a string of 6 in

pin the pocket fabric to the front side of the main fabric

to pin the other piece as well

pin the string to the other main fabric

sew the string onto the main fabric like this

the pin the 2 main fabric together (front side to front side)

remember to leave an opening for turning the fabric inside out

hand stitched the opening and iron the pocket 

finished product 

just fit to hold tempo tissue, mirror and toothpicks

DIY hair band

Friday, 27 January 2012

These days, I love sewing. But I am just a beginner, so I choose a relatively simple project to do.
These are the ways I make these hair bands.

fabric 60 cm x 10 cm
string 12 cm
lace 60 cm 

First, sewed the ends of the frabic

pin the lace onto the right side of the fabric. You can skip this step, if you don't want to add  a layer of lace.

then, fold the other end of the fabric and pin again, remember to  pin through all the 3 layers (fabric, lace, fabric)

the result should be like that

sew along the frabic with guidance of the pins. Turn right side out. Two ends should be open.

using this tool to insert the string into the tube

fix the ends of the string and sewed. Next, hand-stitched the  ends of the tube.


Another lace version

using satin fabric without lace

Polka dot with ribbon

Feeding bottle card

Today, I would like to share a feeding bottle card. I have bought some cute baby onesies  for my dear friend. I would like to make a complementary card with the clothing.